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NMR Rates

Rates for Use of the Max T. Rogers NMR Spectrometers:

  • The spectrometers are available for use to members of the Michigan State University Community and, upon request, to all users.
  • Users are charged for the time that they are logged-in to the spectrometer. There is no charge for remote access.
  • Users are generally not charged for time that is reserved; however, users that misuse the reservation system by booking and not using significant blocks of time will be charged for all the reserved time.
  • The MSU rates are as follows (please contact the Facility for outside rates):
    • Effective May 1, 2013, the rates for NMR usage of instruments within the Chemistry building are $8/hr (Weekdays: 8am-6pm) and $4 (Weekends, evening, and holidays).
    • Non-MSU academic rates are $20/hr. Our sample service fee is $20 per sample for liquid-state work. The sample fee for solid-state work is $40/hr to cover the additional prep and setup time associated with solid-state work. Non-MSU industrial rates are $50/hr plus applicable sample fee.